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it is the  best of is the worst of times in the publishing business. 
“ Some people are born great, some strive and achieve greatness and some just hire a savvy and creative PR professional.”

As I am sure you are well aware the business of book publishing/book selling is changing rapidly.  In this economic downturn many publishers and authors are finding themselves short staffed without the resources to fully take advantage of the many public relations and marketing opportunities that are available to them.
That’s where I come name is Randee Feldman and for 10 years I worked in-house at Health Communications, Inc. We were the publishing house that created the NY Times #1 bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul. 
I wore many hats at HCI including publicity manager, marketing manager and product manager for the Chicken Soup series, as part of the creative team I was instrumental in developing marketing, public relations and branding strategies for the series as well as the other books in our extensive catalog. 
Today I am a freelance publicist and I think the challenge for all publishers and authors always has been, and always will be... getting noticed! 
In my experience that takes hard work with a little luck thrown in. 
So what I would like to propose to you is this: If you find that you need extra help achieving your marketing or public relations goals and are short staffed and overworked (who isn’t these days). If you need a fresh pair of eyes on an old subject, if you want to talk about social marketing and how it could fit in with your goals or if you just need that extra help... please give me a call, I would love the opportunity to speak with you about your book, your goals,and how I can help you achieve your PR and marketing objectives.

PR & Marketing Tip #1

My best piece of advice for all authors is to hire your own public relations/marketing representation to work in conjunction with your publisher.

With over 60,000 books published in the US every year...                                      THE Challenge is ...GETTING NOTICED!

Who doesn’t like great things said about them?