MR. Joe: Tales From A Haunted Life


Ghosts are part of my story. I believe in them; I have no choice. After you’ve seen one ghost, you can go back and rationalize it. But after you’ve looked a couple in the eye like I have, you believe. Otherwise, you doubt yourself. I’ve done that, too—and wondered if I was losing my mind—but I know what I saw and heard.

So begins the story of Mr Joe: Tales From A Haunted Life(Bettie Youngs Books, September 2013) co-authored by Joseph Barnett and Jane Congdon the author of It Started with Dracula: The Count, My Mother, and Me.

   Joseph Barnett didn’t give much thought to the departed until he became a school custodian in a midlife career change. Joe had no idea that his first assignment, working nights in a kindergarten school, would give new meaning to the term “graveyard shift.” When he learned that the eighty-five-year-old school had been constructed near a cemetery, the news barely registered; but then, walking the dim halls alone at night, listening to the wind outside and the sounds of the building settling, Joe was forced to confront his darkest fears.

In a persons life there are many ways to be haunted, and not all of Joe’s ghosts were dead. That’s the other part of his story. It took almost becoming a ghost himself for him to see his life differently.

The child of an alcoholic mother and a distant dad, Joe was haunted in more ways than one. He had coped with a boyhood of dread and broken promises by hiding and running away.  What he didn’t realize was the turn of strange events that would turn his enthusiasm to terror. Mr. Joe is the story of Joseph’s challenges, triumphs, the illness that nearly finished him, and the unexpected second career that put his beliefs in ghosts and himself to the test.


“Thrilling, thoughtful, elegantly told. So much more than a ghost story.”

—Cyrus Webb, CEO, Conversation Book Club



ISBN: 978-1-936332-78-6
ePub: 978-1-936332-79-3
6 x 9, Perfect bound, 270 pgs
BISACS: BIO026000; SEL018000; OCC011000

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Haunting you Sept 1, 2013

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Guess Who Wants A Cup of Joe?

“I loved Mr. Joe! I could sense the pain as well as the wisdom. This is wonderful work.” —Laurie Butts, writing teacher, Ohio

“Thrilling, thoughtful, elegantly told. So much more than a ghost story.” —Cyrus Webb, Editor-in-Chief, Conversations Book Club

“This is truly inspirational work, a very special book—a gift to any reader.” —Diane Bruno, CISION Media

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First booksigning July 26, 2013

Mike Barnett, Jane Congdon, Joseph Barnett

Opening first box of books from Bettie Youngs Books

MR Joe: Tales From A Haunted Life

2014 Finalist

Ohioana Book Award Nonfiction

June 2014:

Authors Joseph Barnett and Jane Congdon with Conversations Media CEO Cyrus Webb at a book signing in Pearl, MS.